Our menu is 100% vegan and GMO free, and we strive to use as much organic ingredients as possible. every item is handmade with love just for you

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Please note that items will vary from week to week at the Old Town Farmers Market, Songbird Juice Co, Jane's Landing, Sente Games and Refreshment and Sunflower Espresso. 

                                                      Coming soon: Wheat Street Dogs

(sales tax included)

Everything is Vegan and can be made Gluten Free on Request

Please give us a couple days notice for special orders.


Muffins- blueberry lemon, apple crunch,  carrot cake, lemon poppy, chocolate chip banana, banana, chocolate banana, chocolate zucchini (seasonal), banana pecan, morning glory, espresso, chocolate chip, orange cranberry   - $2.50 each or $30 a dozen

Cinnamon Rolls: huge gooey, not-too sweet- $3 each/ $15 for 6 or $30 a dozen

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls- $15 for 6 or $30 a dozen

Scones: coconut lemon, orange cranberry- $2.50 each/ $18 for 8

Granola: superfood, sunflower & nuts and seeds- $7 for 32 ounce mason jar 

Breads: cinnamon raisin swirl, banana, banana chocolate chip- $5 per mini loaf

Poptarts: cinnamon, strawberry, blueberry or blackberry $3 each

Donuts: call for flavors $2 each or $24 a dozen

Croissants: Chocolate, Almond or Plain $2.50 each


Brownies: you won't believe these are vegan.. - salted caramel, peanut butter swirl, German chocolate- $2 each/ $18 full pan (9 servings)

Almond Bars $2 each/$18 full pan (9 servings)

Cupcakes: cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry lemonade, double lemon, maple bacon, very vanilla, strawberry vanilla, triple chocolate, chocolate dipped strawberry, coconut chocolate, coconut vanilla, lavender chocolate or vanilla, chia latte, Mexican hot chocolate, pumpkin, caramel apple, gingerbread, raspberry lemonade, raspberry chocolate or vanilla,  - $3 each/ $24 dozen

*10% discount on cupcakes for orders of 100 or more*

Sheet cakes: same flavors as cupcakes - $24 serves 12

Cookies: soft and chewy- chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate swirl, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, sugar, black and white, rosemary chocolate chip, chocolate crinkle, lemon crinkle, gingerbread- $1 each / $12 dozen


Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Mounds, Reeces- $1.50 each


Cookie dough, Oreo, Raspberry, Coconut Lovers- $2 each





Cupcakes-  cookies and cream, peanut butter chocolate, mint chocolate, strawberry lemonade, double lemon, maple bacon, very vanilla, strawberry vanilla, triple chocolate, chocolate dipped strawberry, coconut chocolate, coconut vanilla-$24 dozen

*10% discount on cupcakes for orders of 100 or more*

1st Birthday Smash Cake and 12 Custom Cupcakes (2 flavor mix)- $50 (tax included)

Double Layer 8 inch Round Cake (same as cupcake flavors) w/  writing- $40 (tax included)

 Double Layer 12 inch Round Cakes (same flavors as cupcakes)- Starting at $45. Please call with your idea for a quote

Sheet Cake (same flavors as cupcakes) w/ writing - $35



Call or text for cake orders a week in advance. 316-519-1339




About NiceBites

We are proud to be Wichita's first vegan bakery! We are a mother-daughter team that loves to make usually non-vegan items into vegan friendly treats! We make everything from cupcakes to breads to granola. 

Currently we are located at several farmers markets around Wichita, and we are also happy to take any special orders! 

Come out and visit us soon! 

You might just be at this site to order some awesome and delicious cupcakes, but those cupcakes are vegan and there is a reason behind that. Really there are a lot of reasons behind that. 

So, what is vegan? In the simplest terms, it is abstaining from using any animal products. No meat, dairy, eggs, gelatin, honey or animal by-products. 

There are many reasons to go vegan, but most people do it for a unique reason or several reasons put together. Veganism is so much more than a diet, so here are some of the reasons I have decided to live a vegan lifestyle.. I am going to break this down into three sections (ugh this is sounding like a research paper.. but I promise it is worth the read!)


  • eating a vegan diet can prevent a variety of diseases including cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol (NO vegan food contains cholesterol), high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer, breast cancer, muscular degeneration, arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • going vegan can also give you many physical benefits (some you will see within a month of switching to a vegan [plant-based] diet) including, but not limited to, weight loss, increased energy, healthy hair, healthy skin, strong nails (you must get your healthy fats!), reducing symptoms of PMS (cutting out hormones in meat and dairy) and an improved mood!
  • when you are a vegan/vegetarian or even a meat eater you MUST get your carbs! Carbohydrates are vital to your health, they provide energy to get you through the day. If you are not getting enough carbs your body will begin to burn muscle tissue (not good!)


  • deforestation- according to National Geographic the rain forests will be GONE in the next 100 years, if they keep being destroyed at the rate they are now
  • animal "agriculture is estimated to be the direct driver for around 80% of deforestation worldwide" -Wageningen University and Research Centre
  • veganism cuts out the "middle man" Instead of feeding agricultural animals the plants we grow, vegans directly eat food from the earth. Making food available to more people, meaning less humans go hungry!
  • wasting water- it takes about 660 gallons of water to make one hamburger patty. You could grow almost 40 apples with that much water! (17.5 gallons per apple)


  • Billions of animals are killed each year for food. Most of these animals do NOT live a happy life they are kept in tiny cages or pins and many never see sunlight.
  • Animals DO feel pain, if you have a dog, cat or any other pet (I have a bunny) you know that your animal feels pain and you probably feel so so bad when you accidentally step on your pups tail. You pet is no different than agricultural animals (pigs, cows, chickens, and yes sadly rabbits). So why would you eat one of them if you would not eat your dog? 
  • Why no dairy/eggs?  Animals raised to produce dairy or eggs for human consumption live a very horrible life. Cows are made to have calves over and over so they can produce milk. Their calves are taken away from them (sometimes instantly after birth) so their milk can be used for human consumption. Chickens who are bread to be egg-laying chickens are sorted after hatching, if they are a boy chicken they are thrown into a grinder and used for dog food or fertilizer. 


These are just a FEW reasons to GO VEGAN! I highly suggest that you do your own research about going vegan because I am not an expert! Some of my favorite documentaries are listed below and most are on Netflix or YouTube! They are VERY informational, but some are graphic. 

  • Cowspiracy- eEnvironmental reasons (Netflix)
  • Forks over Knives- Health (Netflix)
  • Vegucated- Health and ethics (Netflix)
  • Earthlings- (YouTube) (graphic)

If you have any questions please contact me (Morgan) I would be happy to answer any questions you have! Thanks for reading!